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But the basic principle of a prison in North Wales for North Wales prisoners remains.
Instead, he stuck to the basic principle that all politics is local and campaigned on a platform of increased green spaces in the city, a reduction in the number of automobiles, creating designated walkways along the Seine River, and rejuvenating the city's rich cultural vitality.
The basic principle overriding all others in analyzing vendor or supplier contracts is that the agreement should contain a clear expression of the obligations of the parties.
For his Part, Committee Head Taleb Qadi Amin stressed the committee has agreed on a basic principle which is guaranteeing the right of journalists to practice their work and pursue and publish information; at the same time, journalists should be responsible for everything they publish.
But no matter what they do with the consent decree, we'll comply with the basic principle of the consent decree to improve bus service.
The basic principle was that women are allowed to hold any position not reserved to priests, or to men only, by Canon Law.
The basic principle on which this furnace operates requires that the loop be continuously full of molten metal.
Pigeons usually leave their mark on public statues and parkbenches, but they have now left their mark on the study of a basic principle of human memory.
The design is based on the basic principle of minimizing friction in size reduction.
The basic principle behind the value of exercise is that bone responds to muscle action by becoming stronger.
The past decade has seen an exponential increase in the number and sophistication of treatment for spinal deformities of all kinds, say Dickson and Harms, and to understand them and choose which to use in a particular case, it is more important than ever that learning spinal surgeons acquire a solid foundation in the basic principles and philosophy of management.
The delegation of Syrian Arab Republic seriously focused on the paper of the basic principles for the political solution," al-Jaafari added, saying that the paper of "the basic principles for the political solution to the crisis in Syria" forms an introduction to build common denominators and national trust.
Theme of the conference, "Expanding trends in the field of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology" is designed in such a way to uncover the basic principles that lead to the drastic emergence and technologies in the field of Nano Materials and Nanotechnology.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Aug 15 (ANI): On the occasion of 71st Independence Day, Congress President Sonia Gandhi exhorted Indians to protect the basic principles of Indianness.
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