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a baseball player on the team at bat who is on base (or attempting to reach a base)

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He also seems satisfied with the baserunning as a whole in the early going.
r0] being about one standard error below zero (which implies that baserunning is, perhaps, somewhat over-weighted in Player won-lost records), although a difference of one standard error is generally not viewed as statistically significant.
people with better mathematical chops than the rest of us--have come up with formulas for Batting Runs, Baserunning Runs and Fielding Runs above average.
To create more situations, you can add extra runners to create multiple baserunning instruction at any time.
The Guide shows how your best baserunning tool isn't your speed, legs, or feet--it's your head.
If he is imaginative, the coach invites his charges to watch videos of great baseball players, encouraging them to mimic the graceful swing of Ted Williams or the energetic baserunning of Roberto Clemente.
From the revolutionary On Command(TM) Baserunning to all of the online capabilities, consumers will be amazed by the amount of features in the game that intensify their overall experience.
There were infield hits, balls finding holes, poor baserunning, and another defeat for the last-place Sox on Friday night.
Sliding is a key component of successful baserunning.
Defense and speedy baserunning are strengths for the Angels, but they couldn't do what they did best.
In a skills competition held Tuesday, Willamette Valley's Tyler Johnson and Britt won the baserunning relay.
Softball Fundamentals will have you pitching, fielding, hitting, and baserunning like an experienced player in no time at all.
Set to release in early spring 2005, Major League Baseball 2K5 debuts On Command(TM) Baserunning, that includes active picture-in-picture baserunning, and new gameplay features called Maximum Sliding(TM) and Baseburner(TM) Mode.
Cubs emphasizing smart, assertive baserunning in camp
However, while the Warriors displayed their power, it was the Musketeers' brand of clutch hitting and keen baserunning that put them over the top.