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small smooth-haired breed of African origin having a tightly curled tail and the inability to bark

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This condition has also been reported in several dog breeds including Basenji (ROBERTS & BISTNER, 1968; MITCHELL, 2011), Poodle (ARNBJERG, 1980), Doberman Pinscher (BARTOE et al.
This trait also gives the Basenji the nickname "soundless dog".
As the story goes, the 5-week-old puppy, a Basenji mix, didn't like being separated from her mother and cried all the way to the palace despite everyone's efforts to calm her down.
Afghan hounds are put through their paces in the show ring; Katrina Pettitt, aged nine, from Devon, with Ella, her Bedlington Terrier; I can get tired of this: A Basenji in the show ring; Too tired to care: Basset Hounds wait their turn
Los Aireadles en perreras presentan una concentracion de celos al final del verano y de menor frecuencia en el otono; en tanto que el Basenji presenta solo un estro por ano, habitualmente en otono (Feldman y Nelson, 2001).
The Basenji Revalation is an addictive and suspenseful read.
Basset Hound Floyd (top) and rare Basenji Ossie and Lionel try to sniff out the prizes.
A ten-year-old Basenji made a lucky escape from death on 6 June after a United Airlines pilot diverted his aircraft so that the dog could be offloaded before it froze in an unheated cargo hold.
Por otra parte, se ha observado que, algunas razas de perros domesticos tales como el Basenji y el Mastin Tibetano, presentan actividad sexual solamente durante el otono [9, 11].
He snapped up Basenji, a three-year-old Wolfhound gelding, for 3,800gns.
Some of the least common breeds in Indianapolis include the Australian Cattle Dog, Basenji and Puli.
There is a dog that can't bark, a basenji, an African wolf dog.