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Synonyms for baseborn

born to parents who are not married to each other

lacking high station or birth

Synonyms for baseborn

of low birth or station ('base' is archaic in this sense)

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Bailey's beautifully enunciated, pleasantly pitched, expressive and elegant voice is perfectly suited to this huge biography of a relatively little-known but intriguing figure in English history: baseborn Perkin Warbeck or Richard Plantagenet, one of the two little princes incarcerated in the Tower of London and presumably murdered by Richard III.
Despite all these negatives, it is a revelation to see, 50 years later, how many people cherish these baseborn books.
276, where the "baseborn women" are even more colorfully and derogatively termed "bastarde greche e populari." The new nuns were not actually of another order, but reformed instead of conventual Benedictines.
In his previous account, Martin has been "very well judging," now his love has overcome his reason; before, "he could not do better," now "he could not do worse;" and the "fair lady" is little better than a baseborn idiot.