baseball glove

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the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

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I'VE been watching a lot of how-to videos on YouTube about baseball gloves, and here's what I've learned.
Under the fitting "Take Me Out to the Playground" banner, the Maidu Park Baseball Glove took first place in the Above Ground Category of the National Precast Concrete Association's 2015 Creative Use of Precast Awards.
Fenner always has his 10-year-old Easton baseball glove with him.
Those pieces of ball equipment, and a large collection of bats, balls and gloves I have acquired over the years, include equipment my father and grandfather had and equipment I bought or was given over the years, including my first baseball glove.
The image of a baseball glove with the words "liberty" and "in God we trust 2014" across the palm is featured on the face of the coins, which commemorate the Baseball Hall of Fame's 75th year in 2014.
There are sharks moving as they sleep, clutching teddy bears; male seahorses carrying their young in human-like baby carriers; and, in what's sure to be a favorite for many children, an excrement-throwing caterpillar, wearing a baseball glove.
html) touching tribute to the tragedy of the Boston Marathon, Philadelphia Phillies' Ben Revere used white tape to inscribe "PRAY For Boston" inside his baseball glove in Monday's game against the Cincinnati Reds.
The chocolate groom's cake was topped with a life-sized baseball glove sitting on home plate.
I sat on the edge of my seat wearing my baseball glove, eagerly hoping to catch a foul ball.
Michigan, June 22 ( ANI ): A 81-year-old Texas Township man got the ultimate lost-and-found surprise on Thursday, after his wallet and baseball glove which he misplaced nearly 70 years ago, were returned to him.
When I was about 11 or 12, I was given a new baseball glove to replace the glove that I had outgrown.
It was first formed in 1941 in a New York City loft by a team of six artisans who were inspired by the unique finish and texture of a worn-out baseball glove.
He passed by giving me a slight look, chuckling under his breath as if trying not to laugh out loud at his son who was right handed and yet still determined to somehow fit a baseball glove on that same right hand.
See It: President Obama's One-of-a-Kind Baseball Glove (http://bizofbaseball.