baseball bat

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an implement used in baseball by the batter

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He pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty and possession of an offensive weapon, the baseball bat.
Prosecutor Clare Wilks said: "The defendant was shouting and swearing saying 'I'm going to have her' and was waving his baseball bat around his head but he remained the other side of a garden wall.
Pharmacy manager Haroon Shaffiq, 32, said: "Henry one, baseball bat nil.
I didn't have any weapons but I saw a man who I didn't know with a baseball bat wearing dark clothing.
The 22-year-old then got a baseball bat from his car and hit the 41-year-old customer on the arm and his side.
One particular piece of baseball equipment that has undergone many changes is the baseball bat.
One person was struck with a baseball bat and received slight bruising.
A SHOPKEEPER was hit with a baseball bat during an armed raid in Birmingham.
WORCESTER - A third defendant in a 2007 baseball bat attack in Westboro pleaded guilty yesterday in Worcester Superior Court.
Four masked thugs - brandishing a firearm and baseball bat - burst into a mobile phone shop on Green Lane, Small Heath, and ordered staff to hand over cash.
The state filed an appeal Tuesday of an appellate court ruling that reduced to voluntary manslaughter the murder conviction of a Palmdale youth who killed an older teen with a baseball bat.
Every baseball fan recognizes the distinct sound a wood baseball bat makes when a batter makes solid contact with a baseball.
After a delay, the Pentagon finally acknowledged that Winchell had been beaten to death with a baseball bat, in part because the perpetrator believed he was gay.
Where is my new baseball bat or snapping turtle shell?
Currently, L sees substantial growth opportunity in the fishing pole business, and would like to focus all his energies in that direction, while N sees the same opportunity in the baseball bat business; R would like to retire.