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Synonyms for baseline

an imaginary line or standard by which things are measured or compared

the back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court


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the lines a baseball player must follow while running the bases

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The Base Line report can be accessed via council web sites and is hosted at www.
Thus, it is only natural that these companies are continuously looking for individuals who meet the same standards--or base line values that we referred to earlier--that the company has set for itself.
Conclusions: The presence of neurlogic gait abnormalities in elderly persons without dementia at base line is a significant predictor of the risk of development of dementia, especially non-Alzheimer's dementia.
The base line is a scale to show the range of the specification.
The effort, completed by AIL Systems 24 months ahead of schedule, converted early ALQ-161 production systems to a single production base line configuration; completed previously identified Correction of Deficiency (COD) work; and restored CORE Program engineering models to the base line configuration.
In addition, rather than a plying index adjustments to a single base year, it is preferable to create a composite base line, probably from a five-year average taken from a violation-free period.
3 kilometres of base line, orientated at 310 degrees.
During the first phase of production, Freudenberg's European interlinings business will be consolidated in Weinheim where one new base line and a new printing line will be built and two existing base lines will be modernized.
of Dallas, led by Stephen Brookshire, acquired the locations near the southeast corner of Base Line and Chicot roads from the Yelenich Family Revocable Living Trust.
The credit facility is comprised of credit lines of: (1) a $25 million borrowing base line of credit, which is available for standby letters of credit, commercial letters of credit and loans; (2) a bridge line of credit in the amount of $7 million, which is to support equipment purchases; and (3) a foreign exchange line in the amount of $10 million.
5" x 1" PVC Reducer Bushing SS; 130 ea of 1" x 12" MT x MT Assembly; 20 ea of Base line - 5201 1 Valve Decoder; 14 ea of Base line - 5202 2 Valve Decoder; 3 ea of Base line - PFS200 2" PVC FM w/ Decoder; 3 ea of Base line - 5315B 1.
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