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(baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely

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The lead grew to 5-0 in the second on Jack's two-run double, following base hits by Stapley and Cook, and Brown's RBI single to drive in Jack.
second inning -- Stapley and Cook one-out base hits, Jack then doubles to score both (4-0), Brown singles in Jack (5-0)
Outs or base hits to the outfield are returned to the relay man, then to second base where the ball is placed in the bucket and the 10-second count down begins.
The next time the game is on the line and you are protecting a lead, ask yourself: What is more likely to occur, a base hit over the bag that the third baseman cannot reach and leads to a double, or a ground ball that will get through because you have changed the defensive philosophy that got you the lead in the first place?
When done correctly, it should produce a base hit at least 75%-80% of the time.
The main emphasis in this philosophy of bunting is not on getting a base hit but on not making a mistake and bunting into an out.
Kelly Korras singled, Tupper moved to third and scored on a Danielle Zymkowitz base hit.
After Goodchild was able to get two outs, pitch-hitter Michelle Ortiz drove in Puerling with a base hit to give Camarillo (20-5) the win.
Baptist starter Miller walked three batters and hit another, then gave up a base hit to Morales.
Catcher Liam Pope had three base hits and center fielder Rob Trafford drove in three runs.
Every baseball fan knows that it makes little sense to compare players by the number of base hits that they have made during a season or by the number of times that they reached base via a hit, walk or hit-by-pitch.
I wasn't tired, but when you give up check-swing base hits and bloopers, there's nothing you can do.