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the commonest type of solidified lava

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Vents found in Washington and Northwest Oregon sent the flow of basalt from the eruption all the way from Canada to the Pacific Ocean.
But despite a supporting statement from the festival, each of the three Basalt members were unsuccessful with their visa applications.
Basalt said the acquisition of DRE continues its strategy of investing in high quality, core infrastructure assets in the utility, energy, and transport sectors.
Trehsloynye wall panels "sandwich", 80 mm thick, with skins of metal sheeting with a middle layer of non-combustible mineral wool basalt fiber -399.
Marathon Capital has announced that Soltage LLC (Soltage) and Basalt Infrastructure Partners LP (Basalt) have completed the first close of USD70 million on a USD140 million equity capital partnership to fund over 100 megawatts (MW) of commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility-scale pipeline of solar projects across the United States, the company said.
Biological evidence of life in basalt rocks - similar to those found on Mars - has been detected for the first time, and could pave the way to the first positive identification of extra-terrestrial life.
A well-established source of concrete drainage structure accessories, A-Lok recently added to its product offerings the epoxy resin-bound, basalt fiber GatorBar.
As much as 25 percent of basalt is made up of elements that react with C[O.
The nine contributions that make up the main body of the text are devoted to the Pleistocene megaflood landscapes of the Channeled Scabland, basalt and rhyolite volcanism in the western Snake River Plain of Idaho, the Columbia River Basalt Group of western Idaho and eastern Washington, and many other related subjects.
The excavation of these formations in North-east Karnataka in the present study are 520 m and 555 m above MSL for schist and basalt formations respectively, and 430 m above MSL for Bhima formation.
The lander touched down on a smooth flood basalt plain next to a relatively fresh impact crater (now officially named the Zi Wei crater) that had conveniently excavated bedrock from below the regolith for the Yutu rover to study.
com)-- In the last decade, basalt fibres has emerged as a strong competitor in the fibre reinforcement composites.
USPRwire, Mon Sep 07 2015] Concrete Fiber Market by Material (Synthetic Fiber, Steel Fiber, Glass Fiber, Natural Fiber, Basalt Fiber), End-Use Industry (Road Industry, Construction, Industrial, Mining, Others), & Region - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020
Sweida, SANA- The 1st Basalt Sculptures Forum, being organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sweida province in the period between July 29th and August 27th, constitutes an opportunity for exchanging experiences between the participating sculptors.