basal vein

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a large vein passing along the medial surface of the temporal lobe and emptying into the great cerebral vein

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The new species is characterized by its hemiepiphytic habit, long-petiolate, subterete sulcate gray-green-drying petioles, narrowly ovate-triangularsagittate narrowly acuminate blades with the anterior lobe broadly concave along the margins, a spatulate sinus, 3(4) pairs of basal veins with none of the basal veins free to the base, the 1st pair of basal veins broadly spreading, then directed upward along the margin and regularly very remote from the margins, 10-13 pairs of primary lateral veins, and these scarcely distinct from the interprimary veins, as well as by long-pedunculate inflorescence with a green erect-spreading spathe which is shorter than the spadix, and a moderately short weakly tapered essentially sessile green spadix with large flowers.
constanti), the different shape of the male operculum, the shapes of some markings on the body, and the very short basal vein of the apical cell 1 (Fig.
73 times longer than 2r; costal cell with a longitudinal row of setae on ventral surface extending from basal to apical section of cell, otherwise bare; cell immediately distad basal vein uniformly setose, with vertical row of 3-5 setae parallel to basal vein (Fig.
Deep cortical veins form a circle around midbrain and these basal veins become engorged in superior sagittal sinus thrombosis and can be demonstrated by venous transcranial Doppler ultrasonography in 80% cases.
attached to the rachis, the number of basal veins, the absence/presence