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trade in in a bartering transaction

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Indeed, the central benefit of the report becoming public in a stage in Pakistan's political evolution where the media and judiciary are forcing a rationalisation of the rules of the game is the confirmation of the manner in which policies barter away the people's fate for self-serving, institutional interests rather than citizen interests and state benefits.
In the process of this competitive bidding or auction process, you cannot barter away the interests of the state to private companies, and this is important because every state has a State Electricity Board.
We buy telecoms services from them and they buy similar services from us so we are able to barter away the difference.
It seems that the PPP's Sindhi support is no guarantee against this sort of incident, because the Sindhi nationalists have always criticised the PPP as a federalist party, and therefore willing to barter away the rights of the province.
The traumatic event 15 years ago pushed Barter away from her titanium road bike; the skinny tires and paved roads gave way to knobby treads and rugged trails.
One thing is plain: No political leader in the Arab world, regardless of his popularity and influence, could barter away Palestinian, Arab and Muslim rights in Occupied Jerusalem.
He was offended and committed violent not-so-civil disobedience at the Jewish temple's complicity (read "kickback" or "take') in the cheating of the truly poor who had traveled to Jerusalem and were forced to barter away their hard-earned goats, baskets or whatever into local currency and for the "offerings" required to worship inside.