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Synonyms for barter


Synonyms for barter

an equal exchange

exchange goods without involving money

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Have advertising personnel plan part of the agreement and have the barter company work closely with your ad agency.
In recent years, surplus corporate real estate and plummeting values has led to the entrance of trading or barter companies into the real estate industry.
By accepting barter shows, a station agrees to provide time slots for new shows, thereby taking slots from shows that may have better potential for certain time periods (Ross, 1989).
Now, however, a new try is being made at international TV barter and it is succeeding in Eastern Europe, China and even in Western Europe.
A few months later, Annette Riggs of Corporate Connect moved her barter exchange to the Barter21 software platform.
The way barter networks operate is simple: Say your business provides cleaning services to airlines, but your largest client has gone out of business.
Stuart Kolbert serves as vice president of Barter Financial Services, and brings to the position 25 years of real estate experience in sales, marketing, leasing and property management.
Flaherty also says PepsiCo has very active barter, or countertrade, operations in other parts of the world, including Eastern Europe, China and some African countries.
One of the primary benefits of a barter exchange is that it helps businesses preserve cash," said Bob Bagga, CEO of BizXchange, a barter exchange that operates in the United States and internationally with offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Dubai.
If you have free time, idle [printing] press time, empty hotel rooms or products sitting on the shelf collecting dust and you write checks out of your business account, you need to take a look at barter," says Mark Tracy, owner of the American Commerce Exchange in North Hollywood, California, which has 600 members in the Los Angeles area.
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Accordingly, the sublease barter transaction provides a mechanism for a tenant paying above-market rentals during a recession, and therefore trapped in "lease prison", to maximize the reduction of or even eliminate its losses.
OTCBB:INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, today announced that it has concluded its acquisition of Alliance Barter, Inc.
IRTA serves as an information clearing-house and establishes ethical standards governing barter conduct.
OTCBB:INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, today announced that its recently concluded series of barter expos produced record results.