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an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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INTERNATIONAL guest bartender and the 'world's greatest tropical mixologist' Daniele Dalla Pola recently shook things up inside Shangri-La at the Fort during its Bartender Series, which featured his exotic tiki drinks, delectable libations and unique kind of showmanship.
THE secrets of being a good bartender can be found on Ciprian Hura's book shelf.
There's a legend surrounding mojitos, as one bartenderexplains: "I've heard it said that the person who created the mojito must have hated bartenders because it's a complex cocktail that takes a long time to make, and making one leaves your hands all sticky.
The previous rounds of the competition saw the bartenders put through their paces, with tasks including a 90-minute exam, where bartenders were quizzed on over 100 drinks recipes, and the history and ingredients of Fridays beer, liquor, wine and food offerings, to ensure their knowledge is second to none.
Five of the region's best bartenders will present their ideas to the public through pop up bars before the winner is crowned Most Experimental Bartender.
Bartenders began to recognize the spirit as eminently mixable, its bitter notes balancing sweetness, providing the energy or "bite" that causes a cocktail to sing, and informing many new mixed drinks.
bar opening in Las Vegas this week aims to blend attraction and alcohol - although conversation with the robot bartenders may not be quite as entertaining.
Javar bested bartenders from TGIFridays all over the country.
In a Huffington Post article published last year about why it is a bad idea to call a bartender a "mixologist," all of the bartenders the author interviewed would rather be simply called a bartender, nothing more, nothing less.
Full of praise for his employee, Bonbar's owner, Antony Michaelides, said: "Johny is one of the best bartenders we've ever had and we weren't surprised when he was shortlisted.
Summary: Four of Lebanon's top bartenders made it to the country final of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, beating eight other opponents with their own specialty cocktails.
The world's best bartenders arrive in Scotland today to battle it out for a prestigious title.
The twenty best bartenders (18 men and 2 women) qualified for the finals with their exceptional knowledge of Pilsner Urquell lager, from its specialised brewing process and rich history to its unique position among other beers.
New York, July 15 ( ANI ): Bartenders in New York City keep a baseball bat or in some cases golf clubs in handy, as an under-the-counter security measure.
CUTLINE: Bartenders Lisa Carbone, right, and Rebecca Rainey, left, with a flaming volcano drink, on the job at Mandarin restaurant in Westboro.