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Synonyms for barrow

Synonyms for barrow

the quantity that a barrow will hold


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(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

a cart for carrying small loads

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Now then--all ready--all right with the barrow there?
Keep that barrow back now,' cried Wardle, when it had been hoisted over a stile into another field, and Mr.
Pickwick from the barrow, horror-stricken at the long man's dark insinuations.
Well,' said Wardle, walking up to the side of the barrow, and wiping the streams of perspiration from his jolly red face;
Pickwick expressed a strong desire to recollect a song which he had heard in his infancy, and the attempt proving abortive, sought to stimulate his memory with more glasses of punch, which appeared to have quite a contrary effect; for, from forgetting the words of the song, he began to forget how to articulate any words at all; and finally, after rising to his legs to address the company in an eloquent speech, he fell into the barrow, and fast asleep, simultaneously.
Pickwick asleep in the barrow, and to call for him on their return.
It was the most mysterious and unaccountable thing that was ever heard of For a lame man to have got upon his legs without any previous notice, and walked off, would have been most extraordinary; but when it came to his wheeling a heavy barrow before him, by way of amusement, it grew positively miraculous.
he sat up in the barrow, and gazed with indescribable astonishment on the faces before him.
The black man fled over to that side," said Alleyne, pointing towards the barrow.
The negro had burrowed down into his hiding-place upon the barrow, where he might have lain snug enough, had it not been for the red gear upon his head.
BARROW Panto Group celebrates its 21st birthday with performances of the family panto Dick Whittington and his Cat, written by group member Alex Thompson.
BARROW 1 GATESHEAD 1 GATESHEAD earned a battling point at relegation-threatened Barrow - despite defender Jamal Fyfield being sent off early in the second half.
John Barrow, 35, had bombarded the mum-of-three with text messages and phone calls after she ended their 51/2-year "on-off" relationship in December last year.
The more time and money Jaireme Barrow spent to keep people from swiping packages off his front porch, the angrier he got.
all questions concerning the proposal specifications must be submitted in writing via email and or faxed to the following team member: greg webb, director of maintenance, barrow county school system, office: 678/630-0833, email: greg.