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a long coral reef near and parallel to the shore

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This package of measures, unveiled at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), includes a $6 million concept feasibility phase led by AIMS with CSIRO and other partners, including the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, James Cook University, The University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology to develop a new substantive Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program.
The funding is recognition of the immense economic and social values of the Great Barrier Reef in this the International Year of the Reef.
html) barrier reefs and atolls form when the land sinks below the ocean surface.
com/johnny_gaskell/) Johnny Gaskell explored the enormous hole in the seafloor located within the Great Barrier Reef, the large structure off Queensland that is home to countless creatures.
The Great Barrier Reef is in worse shape than suspected thanks to ocean acidification, Mathieu Mongin of Australia's CSIRO and colleagues say February 23 in Nature Communications.
Those levels are more variable across the Great Barrier Reef than once thought.
The nation has long been known as a top spot to dive and snorkel the crystalline waters of the barrier reef.
Turneffe Island, a private property 30 miles off the mainland on the east side of the barrier reef, has more than 250 square miles of hard-bottomed seagrass flats (where you don't sink up to your waist or armpits in mud).
The Great Barrier Reef off Australia's northeast coast is the world's longest coral reef chain and the largest single structure ever created by living creatures--so huge it's visible from space.
A report by Greenpeace, an environmental organization, estimates that most of the Great Barrier Reef will be dead in 30 years unless projected levels of climate change are mitigated.
Barrier reefs grow on the edge of continental shelves, separated from the mainland by lagoons that are often wide and deep.
A fringing reef develops on the volcanic island and becomes a barrier reef as the island sinks.
With its vast sea grass beds, shallow coral reefs and abundance of marine habitats, it's no wonder this island serves as the hub of Southwater Caye Marine Park, a protected area of the Belize barrier reef.
Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America and stretches for 200 miles along the great barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere at a latitude and tropical climate close to that of Hawaii.
The Palaszczuk Government is funding important new research to help deliver greater insight into the health of the iconic Great Barrier Reef.