barrier reef

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a long coral reef near and parallel to the shore

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AIMS, CSIRO and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority have a long history of working together in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
edu/features/inside-look-at-catastrophic-bleaching-of-the-great-barrier-reef-2017-hughes) Yale Environment 360 , "The current bleaching occupies a different geographical footprint from last year, which is bad news because it means between last year and this year a much greater extent of the Great Barrier Reef has now been damaged.
IT IS DECEMBER 28 2000, and in the middle of Christmas celebrations and family holidays, a Texas-based company with the inscrutable name TGS-NOPEC is preparing to hunt for oil near the Great Barrier Reef.
Proposed actions in the draft strategy aim to increase understanding of Indigenous heritage values in the Great Barrier Reef and set out how the Authority will partner with Traditional Owners to protect these values.
The Turnbull government will support world-first research to secure the viability of the Great Barrier Reef and the 64,000 jobs that rely on its prosperity,' a government statement said.
The Great Barrier Reef off north-east Australia is the most extensive coral reef ecosystem on the planet, and is often listed in the top seven natural wonders of the world.
Hefyd yn y bennod hon o Iolo: Deifio yn y Barrier Reef, mae'n cwrdd a coalas gwyllt ac yn siarad ag un o ddisgynyddion llwyth brodorol lleol i ddarganfod beth oedd eu perthynas a'r byd natur o'u cwmpas.
Yn Iolo: Deifio yn y Barrier Reef, bydd y naturiaethwr yn teithio ar hyd y Great Barrier Reef i ddarganfod beth yw iechyd y lle heddiw.
Corals grown in one part of the Great Barrier Reef have been successfully transplanted in another part.
The chief scientist of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the government agency that manages the area, said there was a need for such efforts amid the accelerating impacts of climate change.
July 8 ( ANI ) :United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) has released its 'List of World Heritage (sites) in Danger', and Australia's Great Barrier Reef does not feature in it.
FitzpatrickAEs love affair with the ocean began when he caught a glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef at seven.
After several reports of severe damage on the Great Barrier Reef due to the effects of climate change and bleaching, scientists fear that the world's largest coral reef system is beyond saving.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef has made international headlines in recent years, often due to the destruction heaped upon it by climate change.
Mass coral bleaching has destroyed at least 35 per cent of the northern and central Great Barrier Reef, Australian scientists said on Monday, a major blow to the World Heritage Site that attracts about A$5 billion ($3.