barrier island

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a long narrow sandy island (wider than a reef) running parallel to the shore

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Georgiou collaborates on research projects internationally, though his primary research area has been the Mississippi River Delta, with recent projects such as the evolution of Louisiana barrier islands and inlets in response to coastal erosion and interior wetland loss, the response of bays and sounds to freshwater and sediment diversions, the exchange of water and sediment during storms along barriers islands, and the dynamics of saltwater intrusion in the lower Mississippi River in response to sediment diversions.
Jeffrey Nordhaus, Empire State Development's executive vice president of Innovation and Broadband, credited the company with bringing broadband to the barrier island communities "for the very first time."
Third, designating more conservation areas on barrier islands will maintain some of the natural sediment transportation and barrier island migration processes.
(AP) -- Boaters evacuated to safe harbors, and motorists fled barrier islands Tuesday as the Gulf Coast hustled to get ready for Tropical Storm Gordon, which was on track to hit Mississippi as a Category 1 hurricane sometime after nightfall.
When Howie and Robertson agreed to write the book, they had three goals--to showcase rural nursing, to showcase the specialness of rural people, and to showcase Great Barrier Island's unique environment.
More than 6,710 patients have utilized the emergency department in Long Beach for a wide range of medical emergencies, from lacerations to broken bones to strep throat and pneumonia to stroke and heart attack during its first nine months of service to Long Beach and barrier island residents.
Barrier islands in the northern Gulf often feature small, brackish pools that demonstrate varying degrees of connection to adjacent marine systems.
Patches in the context of barrier island communities become exceedingly complex when accounting for all of the factors that define a patch; not only the species composition and percent cover at a given site, but the elevation, distance to the ocean and proximity to potential seed sources.
According to McMaster (1954), the alongshore transport supplying the barrier island seaward of Barnegat Bay is limited to erosion of the Pleistocene headland north of the bay and a very limited supply of sediment from offshore.
After living nearly three years alone on a barrier island, I think that it's maybe a little bit of both.
The mammals of coastal Texas: A comparison between mainland and barrier island faunas.
'Reef Lagoon' on Great Barrier Island to offer diving and snorkeling among Dubai's coral reefs and underwater sea life
Galveston, Texas, on a low-lying barrier island, has flooded repeatedly, notably in the infamous 1900 hurricane that virtually wiped out the city.
The authors detail the varieties of beaches--including barrier island shorelines, spits, and tombolos.
human structures of Perdido Key, a barrier island off the coast of