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Synonyms for barricado

block off with barricades

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However, the joy of winning did not last long, as Barricado jinked and ditched his rider.
Shal I haue a barricado made against my friends, to be barr'd of any pleasure they can bring in to me with honorable visitation' (3A4r-v).
Man is enemy to virginity: how may we barricado it against him?
Leontes's revelation--"no barricado for a belly"--remains true, for him and for all the other characters.
One at the Windward Gangway, and one on each side of the front of the Poop; the former is to keep the Doors in the Barricado constantly closed, prevent the Prisoners coming aft, except passed by order, and will generally attend to their behaviour whilst on Deck;-- the latter will overlook the Convicts, and immediately report to the Non-commissioned Officer of the Watch any irregularity he may notice, or, if necessary, call on the Guard to stand to their Arms.