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Synonyms for barricaded

preventing entry or exit or a course of action

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No barricaded zones remain in Osh by this evening in the result of held talks and provided explanations to the population, Osh city commandant and police chief Kursan Asanov said.
A responsible police officer told Tuesday all the avenues leading to Kahuta laboratory had been barricaded and police strength had been enhanced on the barricades set up at various places.
He pointed at embassies, intelligence offices, attorney generals office, the Supreme Court and the parliament itself as the most barricaded facilities.
Before it was barricaded, Ledra Street was nearly a kilometre long, and reflecting the ethnic demographics, its partition left some 800 metres on the Greek Cypriot side and the remainder north of the dividing line.
The other man barricaded himself for several hours before surrendering to police in the evening, Lopez said.
Firefighters had to remove a bedroom door in a children's home after two youngsters barricaded themselves in.
Law enforcement agencies frequently respond to incidents where emotionally violent subjects have barricaded themselves in a location with or without hostages.
A GROUP of inmates at Scotland's only women's jail barricaded themselves inside a cell last night.
BANGUy (CyHAN)- The violence spread throughout Bangui, capital of Central African Republic on Thursday (29 May), with reported skirmishes, barricaded roads, burned tires and lit bonfires across the city.
The phone conversation was held with deputy of Osh local council Mutalip Kadyrov, who lives in On-Adyr settlement and currently is there with residents barricaded inside.
Friday's standoff involved no hostages and ended with no shots fired - a situation typical of most of the 100 or so incidents involving a barricaded suspect to which Special Weapons and Tactics officers respond every year, officials said.