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a pin for holding women's hair in place

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Barrette, the health minister, addressed the issue shortly after the petition was started.
The cap covers and transfers loads to the foundation barrettes.
The White Stone Ceremony is an ancient ritual of new beginnings," said Greg Barrette.
The barrette piles used for the foundation have been tested to a world record test load of 360 MN (36,000 tonnes), and the work was undertaken by foundation specialist, Soletanche Bachy.
I mentioned many times that I was expecting about 100," Barrette said during the news conference.
Organization president Lydya Assayag demanded that Barrette shelve his health care reform bill.
After Barrette, Allan Waters, president and CEO of the Sirius Group subsidiary, was paid $6.
Please park in lots on the southside of The Barrette Business and Community Center.
With this in mind, the Pony Tail and Barrette Holder has been conceived.
We take great pride in making Aunt Jemima's frozen pancakes, waffles and French toast just like moms make breakfast across America," says Lisa Barrette, senior director of marketing for Parsippany, N.
Roughly a month later, White Mountains Chairman and CEO Ray Barrette told investors that discussions with Allstate continued and finally reached a tipping point.
jewel-embellished French Barrette and bits of shredded Paper ribbons.
I have a vivid recollection of seeing (quite surprisingly, as I had not previously seen this moment in my nearly 10-year-long experience of seeing Serenade) the so-called "waltz girl" remove her barrette and fling it into the wings as she collapsed to the floor for the final "elegy" segment.
We continue to pursue many value enhancing opportunities, but at current prices we believe buying back shares is the best use of our un-deployed capital for now,' said White Mountains chairman and CEO Ray Barrette.