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Synonyms for barrenness

the state or condition of being unable to reproduce sexually

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

Synonyms for barrenness

the state (usually of a woman) of having no children or being unable to have children

the quality of yielding nothing of value

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In her book "Waiting for Wonder--Learning to Live on God's Timeline," Marlo Schalesky takes the reader on Saria's journey from the shame, guilt and pain of barrenness, through years of dryness, the promise of a new start, a new dream, and a new life.
In texts such as John Ball's The Female Physician and Nicholas Venette's Conjugal Love Reveal'd, for example, there is a clear tendency to ascribe the category of impotence to men and barrenness to women.
As Socrates said: "Beware the barrenness of a busy life".
And then imagine the quietness of "snow days'' that we all love because everything stops, the resentment we feel when the plows come, turning over nature's beauty, putting sand and salt in its place to restore the asphalt barrenness that is there because we've created reasons to move when nature says to stop.
And comparing Black-ish to just about every one of the scores of shows that feature a Jewish protagonist cast in more or less the same storylinemarginalized ethnic schlub transcends his parents' parochialism, ascends the socioeconomic ladder only to find that the climb is thornytells you a lot about the emotional and cultural barrenness of American Jewry.
The call for him to consider leading the country again lies in the face of corrupt politicians who wish to lead the country, and the barrenness of talent and virtue among the presidentiables," the group said.
Biblical scholar Kathleen O'Connor will explore ancient Israel's struggles mirrored in their first ancestors' barrenness, squabbles and battles.
For example, in the north, Lon Gwyrfai is a four-mile walk from the barrenness and tranquility of Rhyd Ddu to village bustle in Beddgelert.
At Madrid, for instance, the opera opens with a completely bare stage, in accordance with the libretto's references to a desert landscape; Mahagonny is then built up upon this barrenness, and the stage is gradually filled in with buildings.
These etymologies are worth considering in the context of Jackie Clark's Aphoria, a gnomic book that could be "about" any of those ideas: language breaking down, a speech-act of doubt, or a sort of barrenness.
It is also a very common cause of barrenness, abortion and weak lambs born alive.
Diseases IV: Nature of Women and Barrenness, Paul Potter (ed.
Dark, flat, and in surrealistically saturated color, they are almost exclusively rural and small-town Siberian interiors, in which barrenness coexists with high-contrast visual riot, and in which the inhabitants are simultaneously fragmentary and perfectly at home.
Amit Mehra's images of the 'troubled paradise' capture the beauty and barrenness of Kashmir as its people fight back the memories of violence
Summary: Mythology reveals a widespread, though not universal, identification of the earthly processes of growth and fruition, necessary for human nourishment and survival, with female bodily properties of fertility and barrenness, and the processes of gestation and childbirth.