barren ground caribou

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of tundra of northern Canada

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Yukon has both mountain caribou in the south and barren ground caribou in the north.
In his quest for realistic wildlife film footage of the caribou en masse, it was to this vicinity that Tolstoy headed, as did Francis Harper twenty years later when undertaking his important study of the barren ground caribou. (31) In the literature of The Silent Enemy, the impression is given that Tolstoy failed to find the caribou.
It seems that the barren ground caribou specifically avoid burned over and regenerating jack pine forests.
In the case of barren ground caribou management, these rule changes include adding the voices of resource users to decision-making, in particular, the marginalized voices of aboriginal caribou-hunting communities.
Larter and Nagy (2000) presented extensive data showing higher Hg concentrations in Bluenose barren ground caribou that have a high component of lichens in winter diets; approximately 85%.
From east to west, Boone and Crockett recognizes woodland caribou, in Newfoundland and below treeline in eastern and central Canada; Quebec-Labrador caribou in northern Quebec and adjacent Labrador; Central Canada barren ground caribou on the mainland of Northwest Territories and Nunavut; mountain caribou in the Mackenzie District, southern Yukon, and northern British Columbia; and barren ground caribou in northern Yukon and Alaska.
I was proud to have taken my first barren ground caribou and to have experienced an incredible up-close encounter with two wolves.
Chuck Adams was years away from coining the "Super Slam" term encompassing North America's 27--now 29, with the inclusion of central barren ground caribou and California Tule elk.
Behavior of barren ground caribou on their calving grounds.
Factors influencing local movement and behavior of barren ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus ganti).
FOR THE FIRST TIME all afternoon I had a glimmer of hope: 200 yards away a trophy barren ground caribou with the most incredible pair of double shovels I'd ever seen lay bedded, but with nothing but open slope between us, I had been reduced to simply watching the monarch ...
In addition to making "the book," a black bear, mountain lion, barren ground caribou and brown bear each ranked in Pope and Young's top 10 all-time at the time they were taken.
Barren ground caribou are one of five sub-species of caribou recognized by the Boone & Crockett Club's Records of North American Big Game program and are currently listed as a species of concern by the club and others.
Chipewyan hunting, scientific research, and state conservation of the barren ground caribou, 1940-1970.
Lent (1966) reported that the flight distance for barren ground caribou varied from 1 to 740 m.