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the amount that many barrels might hold

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The officer had followed the brilliant train in the air; he endeavored to precipitate himself upon the barrel and tear out the match before it reached the powder it contained.
As for Porthos, after having hurled the barrel of powder amidst his enemies, he had fled, as Aramis had directed him to do, and had gained the last compartment, into which air, light, and sunshine penetrated through the opening.
How many days he spent thus he could not tell, but at last he felt that the barrel was knocking against rocks, at which he was a little cheered, thinking it was probably land and not merely a reef in the sea.
She was the hind that you and your companions chased; she was the woman that you found in the clearing with the barrel, and the old hag that we just now killed in the cave.
The barrel shook as he leaned his shoulders against it, and I was just about to jump up when the man began to speak.
I suppose he went under the barrel, perhaps in pursuit of a mouse, and somehow knocked it off the block and so imprisoned himself.
Here's one of your kittens at least," said Ribby, dragging Moppet out of the flour barrel.
But Moppet had been too much frightened to peep out of the barrel again.
He pushed it in front of him with his paws, like a brewer's man trundling a barrel.
We didn't have any, only two little rugs that came in a missionary barrel, and one of those had ink spots on it.
Meanwhile, 621,300 barrels of crude oil, 55,000 barrels of condensate and 20,400 barrels of oil products were exported per day.
Aftermarket barrels were offered that were suitable and these conventionally-rifled barrels offer good accuracy.
AR barrels can be easily changed by the hobbyist with a few tools and the knowledge needed to do it correctly.
It's not too tough to switch barrels on an Encore, but does take some time, due to having to remove the screws from the fore-end, tap out the hinge pin, and then reverse the process for the replacement barrel.