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having the general shape of a barrel

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The barrel-shaped carriages adjust their floors so passengers can still stand upright even as they climb towards the Alpine plateau at inclines of up to 110 per cent.
If it's wider and the dog is barrel-shaped they are overweight.
It typically lives in deep waters, where its barrel-shaped body glides around the ocean by jet propulsion, sucking in water from a siphon on one end and spitting it back though another.
It has come a long way from the first washing machine created by the family-owned and operated premium home appliance brand in Germany in 1899-a wooden, manually operated, barrel-shaped contraption inspired by a butter churner.
These solid-carbide end mills come in four geometries: barrel-shaped, oval, tapered and lens-shaped.
The MSS300's use of a barrel-shaped multiple-cutting-edge rotary tool - an original technology developed by MHI Machine Tool - allows a large crossed-axes angle, enabling improved cutting speeds and precision, while the use of multiple cutter blades extends the standard tool life.
This will be accomplished by employing one of the most promising self-assembly motifs based on the barrel-shaped cyclic oligomer of cucurbit 8 uril (CB 8 ) that can bind within its cavity ES-responsive molecules, i.
This backreamer uses a barrel-shaped body to better sculpt a true-to-size bore path.
To solve this, the team joined with a team of chemists at Cambridge led by Professor Oren Scherman to encapsulate the dyes in hollow barrel-shaped molecular cages called cucurbiturils, which are able to hold the dye molecules in the desired upright position.
Left alone overnight, the barrel-shaped module grew slightly in both length and diameter, giving the U.
15mph while travelling around a specially-built, barrel-shaped wooden cylinder at Manby Airfield in Lincolnshire.
The spacecraft is carrying the most cargo ever packed onto a barrel-shaped Cygnus, with some 7,300 pounds (3,300 kilograms) of gear, including science experiments, ready-made food, a jet pack for spacewalking astronauts and even a satellite made by elementary school students.
The sooner Boris fulfils his destiny and turns into a boggle-eyed barrel-shaped adult pooch, the sooner we can all get back to normal.
Giant barrel-shaped shelters provide the perfect undercover lunch spot while there is also an opportunity for a Victorian Picnic in Glen Grant Distillery's spectacular gardens or a barbecue at Glen Moray.
A large barrel-shaped object, wrapped in black plastic, has also been removed from the house.