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the simplest form of vault

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There is also an original wine cellar with two rooms and barrel vault ceilings.
It will include the refurbishment of the existing barrel vault roof and the renewal of roof and gable glazing.
The architecture of Gerhardsen Gerner is unusual: It is situated in a barrel vault under a commuter-rail bridge.
Mushroom columns were used to avoid the need for downstand beams which, together with the split section barrel vault, bring a pared-back but nonetheless ornate quality to the space.
In the Barrel Vault gallery, the exhibition was introduced by the Today series, also known as the Date Paintings, begun in January 1966.
Under the proposals, the existing arcade would be re-paved and the barrel vault above would be refurbished and re-clad.
Seven skylight shapes were tested: two circular dome models, one with clear and one with white acrylic glazing; two rectangular bubble dome models, one with clear and one with white acrylic glazing; one clear acrylic hexagonal pyramid model; one clear polycarbonate barrel vault model; and one tubular skylight model.
The older east and west wings will be updated, while the Commonwealth Bridge building connecting them will be replaced with a four-story, 145,000-square-foot building with a soaring glass atrium and curving barrel vault roof.
VE 05 Crack injection, exchange foundation and vaulted masonry, restoration barrel vault, compensation and Skim coats, making masonry walls, closing wall openings, fire protection upgrading work, core holes, cuts, precast reinforced concrete, concrete repair, removal and disposal of PAH-containing seals, footings, situ concrete, work by the guidelines of the protective measures for activities in the contaminated area.
The interior is highlighted by a new central skylight and includes a careful mix of industrial and modern design elements that enhance the 24' high barrel vault wood ceiling and original bowstring trusses.
A barrel vault with exposed steel struccure lends a workshop character to the large drafting studio on the upper floor, Walk-on glass skylights set flush in the floor of the puplic forecourt let daylight into the garage underneath.
Labirinto per una sfera (Labyrinth for a sphere), 2001, was a mental space--a metaphor represented by a series of iron girders placed diagonally, touching the brick barrel vault, almost as if to prop it up.
Translucent insulated fiberglass panels arc overhead; the same kind of panels form a barrel vault over the central corridor upstairs.
It originally boasted a semi-circular barrel vault with a glazed central dome similar to the Gallerio Vittoria Emmanuele in Milan built at the same time.
The space is further distinguished by its ceiling detailing: a barrel vault is set off by an arc of neon.