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the simplest form of vault

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Seven skylights of different shapes were tested: (1) circular dome with single clear acrylic glazing, (2) circular dome with single white acrylic glazing, (3) hexagonal pyramid with single clear acrylic glazing, (4) rectangular bubble with single clear acrylic glazing, (5) rectangular bubble with single white acrylic glazing, (6) barrel vault with single clear polycarbonate glazing, and (7) tubular skylight.
People familiar with the new public library going up in Eugene might recognize a similarity between the barrel vault roofs on the library and the Lillis complex.
He used live models for most if not all of his figures on the barrel vault, privately sketching them at home.
The award-winning work was carried out on the four-storey Bentall shopping centre in Kingston-upon-Thames, which features a vast open gallery covered with a glazed barrel vault.
A barrel vault with exposed steel struccure lends a workshop character to the large drafting studio on the upper floor, Walk-on glass skylights set flush in the floor of the puplic forecourt let daylight into the garage underneath.
Translucent insulated fiberglass panels arc overhead; the same kind of panels form a barrel vault over the central corridor upstairs.
The space is further distinguished by its ceiling detailing: a barrel vault is set off by an arc of neon.
The upper portions of each of the freestanding columns, located along the main axis of the split-level space, are braced by a series of trusses with a continuous barrel vault to diffuse light throughout.
Other features include a full-length standing seam barrel vault penthouse and a crescent walk with belvedere overlooking a new pond.
Each floor contains 12' barrel vault ceilings and oversized windows providing a tremendous amount of light and air into each unit.
The 9-foot-diameter circular windows inthe studio's end walls establish a curve that repeats in the ceiling, where plywood arches--joined with 2-by-4 joists and sheathed with sheets of plywood on the outside--form a dramatic-looking barrel vault.
VE 05 Crack injection, exchange foundation and vaulted masonry, restoration barrel vault, compensation and Skim coats, making masonry walls, closing wall openings, fire protection upgrading work, core holes, cuts, precast reinforced concrete, concrete repair, removal and disposal of PAH-containing seals, footings, situ concrete, work by the guidelines of the protective measures for activities in the contaminated area.
The front warehouse has a profile metal clad barrel vault roof with single skin timber walls while the rear warehouse has a steel trusse roof clad with profile metal cladding and brick walls.