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a craftsman who makes or repairs wooden barrels or tubs

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The better barrel makers produce a high quality, essentially finished bore usually requiring minimal break-in for best shooting.
BPI enlisted the help of famous barrel maker Ed Shilen, whose own barrels have amassed 13 world records.
Barrel maker Pete Coates is the only remaining cooper turning out handmade wooden barrels in Wales
Many of those associated with officially recognized trades (tailor, barrel maker, carpenter, shoemaker, jeweler--to name a few) must have had shops in which they, the licence holders, and their families worked.
following its recent purchase of screw and barrel maker Flite Technology, Inc.
Believe it or not, this is the moment every barrel maker waits for: the end of a four year apprenticeship and recognition of their skills from existing masters of the art.
Bartolomeo Beretta, born sometime before 1498, was a master gun barrel maker in Gardone.
Samuels, Maker's Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith, and barrel maker and "wood chef" Brad Boswell of Independent Stave finally achieved the flavor they were looking for - a full bodied bourbon without any bitterness.
The barrel is the foundation of any firearm and AR-15 gunsmiths must make the effort to harvest all the potential accuracy the barrel maker built in.
First, all four MSR's feature a barrel cut with 5R rifling, a rifling design developed by well-known barrel maker, Barrett "Boots" Obermeyer, to minimize bullet deformation, to reduce jacket failures in fast twist barrels and to lessen powder fouling.
Continued Excellence The barrel on the rifle I tested was from Pac-Nor, a custom barrel maker that specializes in match barrels.
A match-grade barrel from a "name" barrel maker will cost about $500 just for the barrel blank.
The coopers' group, which does not include every French barrel maker, reports France and the United States account for 60% of its members' sales.
I'm also looking for ancestors of Charles Millward, a gun barrel maker of Moseley and later a farmer of Rowington in 1891.
Back in 1995, Kettering-based aluminium beer barrel maker Alumasc was able to raise pounds 25 million from a rights issue at 350p a share.