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a cactus of the genus Ferocactus: unbranched barrel-shaped cactus having deep ribs with numerous spines and usually large funnel-shaped flowers followed by dry fruits

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The landscape is studded with Agave 'Sharkskin', feathery Yucca rostrata, and golden barrel cactus.
Candy barrel cactus (Echinocactus platyacanthus Link & Otto): a traditional plant resource in Mexico subject to uncontrolled extraction and browsing.
The only available information on this subject suggests that seeds of the barrel cactus Ferocactus wislizeni may remain viable in the soil for at least 18 months; postdispersal seed predation in this species is high, although seeds may escape from predators when hidden among rocks (Bowers, 2000).
It's a brushy, living desert covered with a wide variety of cacti: saguaro, cholla, ocotillo, prickly pear, barrel cactus and more.
One ewe approaches a barrel cactus and butts it with her horns, breaking it open, then eats the watery pulp within.
Themes include fish, grapes, pineapples and barrel cactus, with retail prices ranging from $4-$6 each.
Before the project began, the landscape architects took inventories of saguaro cactus, barrel cactus, prickly pear cactus, ocotillo, yucca, and other species.
During Feinstein's performance on the Senate floor, where she illustrated various beauties of the California desert with large color photographs, she seemed at times as if she were selling cinder cones and barrel cactus like so much merchandise on the Home Shopping Network.
As would be expected, cactus is used throughout the park, including golden barrel cactus, organpipe cactus, and ocotillo.
Another common cactus in the area is the Arizona barrel cactus (Ferocactus wislizenii).
A water-wise garden doesn't have to be a dusty, monochromatic landscape, as this Joshua Tree, California, planting proves: Blue-green agave leaves, yellow barrel cactus spikes, and red and jade green opuntia cactus bring big color.
That afternoon, I studied a distant, dark object through my binoculars and had about decided it was just another dark barrel cactus when I noticed a slight movement.
Hop into Huerta's golf cart for a tour and you pass sweeps of field-grown golden barrel cactus and rows of containerized palms, agave, and euphorbia, all of them seemingly waiting to be moved from the nursery to your front yard.
The Getty also had a mesmerizing stand of barrel cactus that I have seen imitated in side yards and parkway strips around town ever since.