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Synonyms for barrator

someone guilty of barratry


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Thus in the second circle nest/ 'hypocrisy, flatteries, and sorcerers;/ lies theft, and simony;/ panders, barrators, and all such filth.
Departing in the west from the Black Guelph barrators of Lucca, it encompasses the Pistoia of Vanni Fucci, Florence itself (and Prato), the southwest Tuscany of Griffolino's Siena as well as the northeast sector of Master Adamo's Casentino, and eventually extends beyond the borders of the Malebolge to embrace Ugolino's Pisa and even the islands of the Tuscan archipelago which are evoked in a nightmarish culminating cartographical flourish that implicates the entire peninsula in a prophetic apocalyptic furor:
When Virgil carries Dante, holding him to his breast like a son, and they slide down the embankment between the bolgias of the barrators and the hypocrites, Virgil's physical ability to embrace Dante is notably different here when compared to Casella's failed embrace of Dante in Purg.