barrage jamming

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electronic jamming over a wide range of frequencies simultaneously

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Thales Land & Joint Systems Division entered the jamming market following the evolution towards more sophisticated systems such as spot jammers; the TRC-274 software-defined jammer has evolved into the TRC-274 FPJ (Force Protection Jammer) with built-in ESM allowing to analyse the threat in order to carry out focused jamming, although a selection between barrage jamming and spot jamming can be made by the user.
36) Barrage jamming would prevent hostile broadcasters from frequency hopping and would allow for the simultaneous jamming of several transmitters.
In the UK, which had already provided the microwave industry with the cavity magnetron, Austrian emigre Rudolf Kompfner had stumbled on the travelling wave tube (TWT), while a French team under Oskar Doehler produced the first carcinotron, opening the way to effective deception and barrage jamming techniques, respectively.
However, more mobile air-defense systems that use sophisticated, frequency-agile sensors are capable of staying ahead of operator-contro lled spot jamming, leaving barrage jamming of the RF spectrum as the only viable alternative, and once again we are sharing a back seat with the frustrated Tornado EWOs of Kosovo.