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an elongated tethered balloon or blimp with cables or net suspended from it to deter enemy planes that are flying low

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This new book is an informative and captivating look at blacks in the US Army during World War II, centering around the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion, a storied unit that began landing in the assault waves on D-Day.
In April 1942, a unit of the 399th Barrage Balloon Battalion came to operate and maintain a fleet of what came to be described as "silver sausages.
Packed with cameras and sophisticated devices, the barrage balloons send live footage of the enemy to patrol bases 24 hours a day.
Coastal defences at Newhaven and Dover, an Observation Post set above the village of Castle Hedingham in Essex, a Ship's Screw passing on a railway truck through the wintry English countryside, barrage balloons hoisted above the pillared porticos of Sheerness.
Our route lay on the outskirts of the city, but we did see a little of the bomb damage, and also the barrage balloons, a sight many people had not seen before.
HERO: New Doc Matt BAD TIMES: Barrage balloons over Big Ben BEAUTY: Karen Gillan BEASTLY: Daleks in wartime paint
Spare us the thought that we might have to rely on a home guard, searchlights and barrage balloons.
He earns his wartime crust by writing propaganda films, which leads Caitlin to put down his clear aspirations and glaring talent, by declaring: "You're not a bloody poet, you write films about barrage balloons.
I was disappointed that there were no entries on antiaircraft (flak) defenses, barrage balloons, cruise missiles, the Gulf War Air Power Survey Operation Bodenplatte, and individuals such as John Boyd, Anthony Fokker, Edgar Schmued, and George Welch (but these number only nine out of almost one thousand items).
He saw the soldiers and the land-girls, the silver sausage shapes of the barrage balloons in the sky, the occasional flight of marauder or defender aeroplanes droning aloft.
The carnival procession at noon will include barrage balloons, the fashions of 1997 and decorated bicycles.
Parts of Halifax bombers were assembled at the building, as well as barrage balloons.
It has been said that during the build-up to D-Day that the island of Great Britain would have sunk beneath the waves from the weight of all the tanks and lorries if it had not been for the barrage balloons keeping us afloat.
Barrage balloons and antiaircraft guns were sited in the park during the Second World War and today park users can see the large concrete blocks at the Coat of Arms Bridge Road area of the park where they were positioned.