barrage balloon

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an elongated tethered balloon or blimp with cables or net suspended from it to deter enemy planes that are flying low

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As Bill Richardson, a military correspondent, noted to Eisenhower's staff, "It seems the whole front knows the story of the Negro barrage balloon battalion outfit which was one of the first ashore on D-Day.
An article on the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion led to a research project and first book for Linda Hervieux, a journalist for the New York Daily News.
Mrs Thompson, from Caerphilly, served five years in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and was in charge of the barrage balloons used to keep the capital's historic castle safe from German bombing raids.
They also could be knocked down by barrage balloon cables.
The West End's Cornerstone Knit and Natter group knitted a Spitfire, air raid shelter and a barrage balloon.
In April 1942, a unit of the 399th Barrage Balloon Battalion came to operate and maintain a fleet of what came to be described as "silver sausages.
The 307th Signal Battalion was constituted on May 27, 1942, as the 313th Coastal Artillery Barrage Balloon Battalion, and activated June 15, 1942, at Fort Randolph, Canal Zone.
The problem is it's now three weeks since decided to go and I am swelling up like a barrage balloon.
We had a barrage balloon on Windmill Hills and an 'ack ack' gun at the top of Lobley Hill called 'Big Bertha'.
My permanent station was RAF Titchfield, Hampshire, which, was also an ex barrage balloon station with exactly the same layout as RAF Caerau.
Those who diet until they are bags of bone or gorge until they are the dimensions of an inflated barrage balloon risk their health and place a strain on their hard-up National Health Service.
Colin Baker, who once played Dr Who, is presumably using the opportunity to audition for roles other than those of a barrage balloon.
I also remember part of our duties, one night a week, was to guard the barrage balloon situated at the top of Daventry Road in Cheylesmore.
There are several war graves from both wars in the graveyard Part of the church spire was knocked down by an escaped barrage balloon during the Second World War.