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a large marine food fish common on the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, and southern Africa


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She was a fearsome apparition with a mouth like a barracouta.
On the other hand, the revision retains the iconography of greenstone, kelp, and barracouta wholesale, not to mention the image of Hinenuitepo crushing Maui.
begin strikethrough]Her mouth is that of a barracouta.
Thus, he mentioned that HMS Barracouta just scraped over a reef of rocks in the river, and that below the forts below Sambas had "to haul athwart the river, to get her broadside to bear.
Ships' logs 1812-13 HMS Barracouta, Hecate, Leda, Phoenix and Procris.
15) The assault is recorded in detail in the logs of HMS Barracouta and Procris in the English National Archives, Kew (formerly the Public Record Office).
Populations of barracouta Thrysites atun (Euphrasen) in Australian waters.
The barracouta, Thyrsites atun, fishery around New Zealand: historical trends to 1984.
Results of a trawl survey of barracouta and associated finfish near the Chatham Islands, New Zealand, December 1984.
Movements and possible stock relationships of the New Zealand barracouta, Thyrsites atun, from tag returns.