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a horse-drawn carriage having four wheels

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Two men were passing, just as the barouche drove off.
Now, it must be owned that, at his first glimpse of the countenance which was bowing and smiling from the barouche, Ernest did fancy that there was a resemblance between it and the old familiar face upon the mountainside.
Meantime, the cavalcade, the banners, the music, and the barouches swept past him, with the vociferous crowd in the rear, leaving the dust to settle down, and the Great Stone Face to be revealed again, with the grandeur that it had worn for untold centuries.
Crawford would take my two nieces and me in his barouche, and Edmund can go on horseback, you know, sister, and Fanny will stay at home with you.
We'll fix you," cried the lads, as one clapped his cap on her head, another tied a rough jacket round her neck by the sleeves, a third neatly smothered her in a carriage blanket, and a fourth threw open the door of the old barouche that stood there, saying with a flourish
On quitting Brighton, our friend George, as became a person of rank and fashion travelling in a barouche with four horses, drove in state to a fine hotel in Cavendish Square, where a suite of splendid rooms, and a table magnificently furnished with plate and surrounded by a half-dozen of black and silent waiters, was ready to receive the young gentleman and his bride.
His carriage-house contained three splendid coaches, three or four gigs, besides dearborns and barouches of the most fashionable style.
Barouche, Phaeton, Surrey and Curricle are all types of what?
L'integration de Tunisiens de confession juive a une gouvernementale remonte aux premieres annees de l'Independance , quand Habib Bourguiba a designe dans son equipe Albert Bsaiess et Andre Barouche , comme ministres .
Then instead of driving in a barouche landau to Regent's Park she pulled on her thick boots and scrambled over rocks.
This horse is for Mattock Equine, my own set-up," said Matthews, who also manages Barouche Stud.
13) Unlike the mythical Rouen fiacre in Madame Bovary, a barouche is an open carriage.
If you love the English classics but struggle with the difference between a barouche and a curricle, then this engaging and unusually informative book is for you.
I made a drawing of a barouche while in intensive care.
At governmental level, using the forum of newly established United Nations Organisation, USA proposed Barouche Plan in 1946, and, then USSR counteracted with its Gromyko Plan.