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a sensory receptor that responds to pressure

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Consequences are increasing of the end-diastolic and systolic chamber pressure, stroke volume, and average arterial BP as well as decreasing of the frequency of the pulse controlled by baroreceptor.
20), the increase in venous return after water immersion stimulates the cardiopulmonary baroreceptors that can lead to a decrease in sympathetic tone and systemic vascular resistance.
The MobiusHD implant is designed to amplify the signals received by the surrounding arterial baroreceptors, and thereby amplify the body's natural response to lower blood pressure through vasodilation.
A study from France postulated that vasovagal reactors exhibited decreased baroreceptor sensitivity in healthy younger donors when they are physically or psychologically strained.
ADNA and MAP were used to construct baroreceptor afferent function curves using logistic sigmodal function.
The commonest etiology for systemic hypertension in Takayasu's arteritis is renal artery stenosis, while other less common causes include atypical coarctation, reduced aortic capacitance and diminished baroreceptor reactivity.
34) Some evidence suggests that dopamine neurons are under tonic inhibition of the GABAergic afferents; (20) the GABAergic neurons of the VTA might be responding to baroreceptor input.
Effects of carotid endarterectomy on carotid chemoreceptor and baroreceptor functions in man.
He further explained that if their hypothesis is proven right then arterial stiffness and baroreceptor signaling will become hotspot targets for the treatment of high blood pressure and the development of new medicines and medical devices.
04%, LNa) and, therefore, in a prehypertensive state, Gordon and Mark (10,13) demonstrated a partial arterial baroreceptor impairment (vs Dahl SR rats on a LNa diet) that translated into a diminution of both the heart rate (HR) and the neurosympathetic-mediated hindlimb vascular resistance baroreflex sensitivities, without altering the baseline MAP.
The direct interaction of nicotine with central mechanisms integrating the baroreceptor input into autonomic responses is another plausible mechanism for the depressant action of nicotine on baroreflexes [39].
2000) Exercise training increases baroreceptor gain sensitivity in normal and hypertensive rats.
Nucleus tractus solitarii: Afferent and efferent neuronal connections in relation to the baroreceptor reflex arc.
Dobutamine is known to increase HR and BP artificially and also to blunt baroreceptor function (van de Borne et al.