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a noblewoman who holds the rank of baron or who is the wife or widow of a baron

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"Par le deces du comte et de la baronne," the final lines of the novel inform us, "leur avenir, leur fortune, leur tranquillite, leur bonheur etaient assures.
Orledge presents a detailed account of the song cycle Mirages, including a discussion of the choice of the texts (by Baronne de Brimont), a review of the compositional process (with a description of the manuscript in the Bibliotheque nationale de France), and an analysis of the music.
Elsewhere on the card, Lynda Ramsden's Baronne finished last in the Prix de Gagny, while the Queen Mother's Prima Notte was sixth in Prix Roger de la Vaissire.
Projects such as the $50 million conversion of the former NOPSI building at 317 Baronne St.
Contract award notice: Partnership contract for the creation of the agri-food and horticultural platform on the site of the baronne la gaude (france-nice: Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work)
A ce jour, les deux seules personnes qui ont occupe ce poste ont ete des femmes : la baronne Hayman et la baronne D'Souza.
La Baronne Symons de Vernham Dean, ancien ministre au Foreign Office chargee du Moyen-Orient et de l'Afrique du nord, estime que ces reformes, qui s'inscrivent dans le cadre d'un processus lance il y a plusieurs annees, ont permis de renforcer la visibilite du Royaume apres des investisseurs internationaux.
While everyone contributes (including such Balzacian standards as Lord Dudley, la baronne de Nucingen, la princesse de Cadignan, Daniel d'Artez, and Rastignac), the soiree is dominated by de Marsay.
For registration information and costs, contact Accent on Children's Arrangements, 615 Baronne St., Suite 303, New Orleans, LA 70113, 504-524-0188 The registration form can also be accessed at onsite_services.htm.
xvii.387-99 of (Euvres completes de Madame la baronne de Stael (Paris: Treuttel and Wurtz, 1820-21).
From the CorbiAres, Cheteau La Baronne (pounds 6.09) produce the style of wine I adore.
Dans cet avant-propos aux Trois femmes, un groupe heteroclite, compose d'un "sectateur de Kant", d'un theologien, d'un "eleve de Fenelon", et d'un Abbe, discute de l'idee du devoir dans le salon de la Baronne de Berghen.
Clair, 5th Floor Frankfort, KY 40601 (800) 633-6283 (502) 564-8035 ?? PADD/PAIMI/PAIR Office for Public Advocacy Division for P&A 100 Fair Oaks Ln., 3rd FL Frankfort, KY 40601 (800) 372-2988 (TDD) (502) 564-2967 (502) 564-0848 (fax) ?? LOUISIANA CAP/PADD/PAIMI/PAIR Advocacy Center for the Elderly and Disabled 225 Baronne, Ste.
As Pat Wiley leads this visitor through the forest of shrubs, ramblers, and climbers, each cloaked with sumptuous blossoms, she introduces her favorite roses as though they are old friends: 'Baronne Prevost' is "perfection itself," 'Petite de Hollande' has "buds that hold their shape beautifully when dried in potpourri," and 'Salet' is "my favorite old moss." In the garden's center, white-flowered Rosa moschata scrambles up a tall, rusted windmill "in memory of a cow named Rosey who used to live here." Just down the hill, 'Marechal Niel' drapes its long canes over an old apple tree and dangles its yellow blossoms above eye level ("the flowers seem to follow you, like they're watching you," Wiley says).