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Synonyms for barometric

relating to atmospheric pressure or indicated by a barometer


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They also obtained local weather reports on temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.
The barometric pressure and wind velocity were obtained from an automatic weather station, installed in the village of Anton Lizardo (Fig.
The company's 5500 Environmental Meter measures wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, wet bulb temperature, heat stress index and temperature.
03 inches of barometric pressure per hour while a fast-moving storm will drop the barometer about 0.
My handheld required me to monitor the temperature, wind, and barometric pressure and input it into the handheld.
Crappies may be quite susceptible to rapid changes in barometric pressure, but that might not be the only reason we can't always find them where they're "supposed to be.
Hellickson found no direct correlations between deer activity and temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall or any other weather factor he checked.
The atmospheric pressure signals affected water level in the instruments by the inverse barometric effect.
A low-pressure system occurs when the barometric pressure is lower than the pressure of the surrounding area.
The new Newport (San Francisco, CA) zSeries wireless sensor system provides Web-based monitoring of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, and mount discretely on the wall in clean rooms, laboratories, and any remote facility.
In addition to optional built-in sensors (auto-zeroing differential pressure and barometric pressure), as many as 20 extra sensors may be connected simultaneously to this test meter.
Wireless inputs for the unit include thermocouple, RTD, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.
Kestrel offers a full line of hand held weather meters with the ability to measure and track many critical factors affecting the work environment, including; Wind /Air Speed, Air Flow, Wind Direction, Barometric Pressure, Altitude, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wet Bulb Temperature, Heat Index and Wind Chill.
The service sends an e-mail alert to a subscriber to warn if the weather is likely to trigger a problem, such as changes in barometric pressure or humidity, which can exacerbate arthritis.
Temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, fine particular matter, black carbon, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen content in the atmosphere were recorded during three 24-hour proceeding sessions.