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3 g DW equivalent extract/mL, shoot of cress and lettuce also exhibited a complete inhibition, whereas alfalfa, rapeseed, Italian ryegrass, barnyard grass, timothy and sand fescue showed a significant inhibition to 99.
Furthermore, 10-3 M of coumarin could significantly inhibited the root growth of alfalfa and barnyard grass with inhibition rates reaching more than 95% (Chon et al.
According to the results obtained in the present study, the values of informational entropy of the wild poinsettia and barnyard grass diaspores treated with the extracts did not differ from the control, indicating synchrony in the germination process (Figure 1).
The results of the present study confirms the observation of previous research findings that propanil used in combination with thiobencard pendimethalin molinate or quinclorac controlled effectively propanil-R barnyard grass than the same rate of propanil applied individually (Baltazar and Smith 1994; Crawford and Jordan 1995; Jordan 1997).
Inhibition of the seedling-growth of Barnyard grass (Echinochloa crusgalli)
Mustard mulching: This Prosser greenhouse study pits three biofumigant crops (white mustard, brown mustard, and rapeseed) against small-seeded weeds--redroot pigweed and barnyard grass.
Subordinate streamside vegetation is comprised of seepwillow baccharis (Baccharis salicifolia), which is dominant, deergrass (Muhlenbergia rigens), cattail (Typha latifolia), annual spikesedge (Eleocharis caribaea), Grisebach bristlegrass (Setaria grisebachii), plains bristlegrass (Setaria leucopila), barnyard grass (Echinochloa crusgalli), knotgrass (Paspalum distichum) and water bentgrass (Agrostis semiverticillata).
Weeds targeted in the survey include common sowthistle, fleabane, wild turnip, African turnip weed, wild oats, feathertop Rhodes grass, awnless barnyard grass, sweet summer grass, liverseed grass, windmill grass, annual ryegrass, wild oats and Brassica species.
Considering I50 value the hypocotyl growth of lettuce and the root growth of timothy were the most sensitive to the extracts, whereas both the coleoptile and root growth of barnyard grass were the least sensitive.
Carpet weed (Itsit) and Jungle rice (Swanki) being the most competitive species though the rest of weed flora comprising of grasses like goose grass, barnyard grass, crow foot grass and sedges like purple nutsedge, flat sedge and umbrella sedge can also be harmful.
Foliar applied, intended to control the proper couch grass, barnyard grass and other monocot weeds in sugar beet, winter rape and maize varieties tolerant cycloxydim.
Post applications of signaling compounds to rice seedlings imposed allelopathic affect on tester plant species barnyard grass (Echinocloa cress-galli L.
Foliar applied, intended to control the proper couch grass, barnyard grass, broom corn and other monocotyledonous weeds in agricultural crops and to control couch grass in the band crop harvest.
ha-1) reduced barnyard grass, flat sedge and crowfoot grass density by 75, 67 and 74% and their dry weight by 66, 71 and 76%, respectively, while 1/3 of the recommended dose of butachlor (400 g a.