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an opaque adjustable flap on a lamp fixture

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While many of the areas identified in coastal areas fell outside the proposed GOMIOW, the majority of offshore sites were clustered within and around the GOMIOW, including areas having populations of species of concern: barndoor skate, Atlantic halibut, and deep-sea corals.
Conservationists now worry that the unintentional catch of skates on both sides of the North Atlantic has endangered the barndoor skates and several other species.
THE temptation is very strong that Arsenal, after missing the CSKA Moscow barndoor 24 times in midweek, will take it out on a West Ham defence that has looked shaky this season.
Implementing agency : Gyeonggi-light barndoor Elementary School District
Implementing agency : Gyeonggi-do Office of Education barndoor High School
4) barndoor reapproval per print publishing publishing
Contract awarded for Feed of barndoor goods (agricultural) Buy a small number of estimates (bids) submitted notification (emergency)
Hazard: The heat of the stage lights can make the barndoors detach from the light and fall, posing an impact injury hazard to individuals below it.
some black sheep in the grocery trade; on the contrary, there will be kept a black board whereon to nail them, like noxious bats on barndoors, to the utmost stretch of their wings.
A snap-on adapter allows professionals to mount standard three-inch lighting accessories, such as barndoors or a softbox, to easily control the output.
A snap-on adapter allows professionals to mount any three-inch lighting accessory, such as barndoors or a softbox, to easily control the output.