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someone who burns down a barn

an impressively successful event

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Week number three of earnings season is a barnburner with eight FindProfit companies reporting their fourth quarter earnings results.
Walker's barnburner speech at a conservative gathering in Iowa last weekend has assuaged some donors' concerns that he lacks the charisma to be an effective presidential contender, while Rubio earned high marks for his performance at an economic forum the same weekend hosted by Charles and David Koch.
Phil Thomas lightweight Mo Mehrban went out of the competition on his shield as he lost a barnburner to Forest Hall's much more seasoned Terrence Wilkinson.
Velocity-wise, the real barnburner was, naturally, the lightweight of the bunch--Federal's 30-grain JHP, which averaged 1,504 fps from the Single-Nine's 6 1/2-inch barrel.
The Rutherford County Planning Commission can schedule a new meeting and re-approve the mosque--but the judge's decision has reignited local opposition so that any public meeting is likely to be a barnburner.
AT THE end of a tough week for boxing I can think of few better consolations than a barnburner involving Manny Pacquiao.
The barnburner was the 210-grain jacketed softpoint, which ran the gates at a smoking 1,500 feet per second declared and a probably true 1,400 fps.
The last time we had been in a similar situation, I had waited too long to make the call, and what should have been a barnburner resulted in one kill and a lot of complaining.
Then last March, Marquez lost a split decision to Pacquiao in another Las Vegas barnburner.
It is going to be a barnburner, a great race," Cantrall said.
The day after Wright's National Press Club barnburner on April 28 exploded these excuses, Obama pathetically claimed, "The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago.
Look up Post editor Len Downie's barnburner riposte for the whole list.
s reaction to retailers screaming for "something to promote" was the two-style, cherry-finish bedroom collection: Barnburner I (country) and the Barnburner II (Victorian).
The main thing that affects that is the amount of seafood - it wasn't a barnburner of a year because of the oil spill.
MARTENS' PRESENTS THE HOUSE OF BLUES BARNBURNER TOUR with Joe Cocker, Buddy Guy, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Radiators, as well as prerecorded concerts by Squeeze, George Clinton and P-Funk, John Hiatt, The Mavericks, Burning Spear, Speech, Frente, Junior Brown and Joshua Redman.