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European goose smaller than the brant

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The remaining state gross receipts taxes are thickly barnacled with special-interest exemptions and variable rates.
By drifting on to Reunion Island, the barnacled remains of a Boeing wing part from the Malaysia Airlines jet have given the upper hand to a French judicial investigation, exposing for the second time this year how civil crash investigations struggle to compete with police-led probes.
Wash bowls of cereal straight away If you don't want to spend a good portion of your life chiselling off cornflakes that are barnacled on to your bowls then for the love of God, just wash them immediately.
Investigators will examine the barnacled part for numbers that could tie it too the missing jet or other forensic clues.
Cast from wax drippings, the exterior surface of the pendant has been smoothed over, while the interior surface remains barnacled and brittle, giving the piece the appearance of an irritated orifice--a resemblance shared by Nevine Mahmoud's O, 2015, in which aluminum was cast from a mold of a looped strip of egg-crate foam to recall something between a tire tread and an angry mouth.
Not a bowl, not a tub, not a body of water where ancient, giant muskrats once swam among barnacled blue whales and the alien forethings of good rulemakers.
Keith Richards - Pirates of The Caribbean 3 The weathered Rolling Stones guitarist brought a salty gravitas to his part as a pirate king bloodied and barnacled, yet unbowed by decades of gin and pillaging.
Mods put-putted around on scooters barnacled with bling, mirrors and mascots.
Or she may simply be a bulbous, barnacled emblem of our earth-ship's sinking-- the grimace of her mouth not unlike the blue gods below who hold their own while bubbles of our breath spiral up like prayers for salvation exhaled with every snip.
It was a display of chipped crockery and a barnacled brass porthole that first alerted Gill Hoffs to the tragedy.
My mind winds to you Old barnacled umbilicus, Atlantic cable, Keeping itself, it seems, in a state of miraculous repair.
It's all about fiddler crabs and barnacled structure.
I swam for dear life as fast as my terrified body could take me I scrambled franticly onto the biggest barnacled rock the barnacles ripped my body they shredded my skin.
So popular and influential was this movie that nowadays most of the public knows the "monster" as a lurching, looming hulk barnacled with steel bolts in his neck, sporting stitches in his high forehead and topped off with that iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger haircut.
Obama's heart may be on the left but his mind is barnacled on the right.