barn door

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the large sliding door of a barn

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When the collector recently passed away, 15 years after shutting the barn door, the handling of the cars was turned over to Campen Auktioner, Denmark's leading auction house regarding barn finds like this, which had sold two similar collections in 2015 alone.
this is not a loop hole, this is a barn door and those responsible for this debacle should be sacked.
pegged to the barn door as farmers in the Ohio River Valley [where the Cole's were from] peg out skunk skins with hammer and nails.
If it's not a piece of 10-tonne farm machinery falling from the skies, it's the barn door that'll get you.
Burglars tore a metal panel from a barn door before smashing their way into the outbuilding at Green Acres Farm, Hepworth, on Monday night.
Not only is a barn door the perfect way to save space, but the harmonious blend of the old and new creates an excellent conversation piece in any home.
The first half was frustrating for Vale as they dominated play but came up against a barn door of tight marking by their wellorganised visitors.
The operating rule now is: "If you throw enough (blank) against the barn door, some of it is bound to stick
I've been struggling for six or seven weeks - I've not been able to hit a barn door with a hedgehog recently - but I'll get there.
And they even take a swipe at the star's football abilities, picturing him failing to hit a barn door from 12 yards in tribute to his stunted summer World Cup displays.
HEARTS star David Obua has set up a pounds 20-a-day wager with David Witteveen about who scores the most in training - because neither can hit a barn door in matches.
He's still very raw and at times he couldn't hit a barn door.
The striker has looked more like the leaning tower or Pisa than a Roman gladiator so far this tournament, with his shots more often than not missing even the barn door let alone the actual goal.
Other indexes closed the barn door after the horses had left, so to speak," Frischer said.
Neither team could hit a barn door as far as shooting was concerned.