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Synonyms for barn



Synonyms for barn

an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals

(physics) a unit of nuclear cross section

References in classic literature ?
He had a long sleep in the barn and then a big breakfast of coffee and bread and oatmeal and stewed cherries, for which the man charged him only fifteen cents, perhaps having been influenced by his arguments.
They hang up the rats' tails in a row or the barn door, to show how many they have caught--dozens and dozens of them.
The same man who will pay six prices for the best seed-corn, and who will allow nothing but high-grade cattle in his barn, will at the same time be content with the shabbiest and flimsiest telephone service, without offering any other excuse than that it is cheap.
It was true she had given up a concrete floor for her cellar, but she had seen at once the good sense of having the concrete in the barn instead.
I want it finished," he said doggedly, as he crossed the barn and went out at the other door.
He pulled on his wet coat again and went back to the barn to feed the greys.
They ran to the barn and then back again, re-entering, he by the front and she by the back porch.
373-375) Do not let a flaunting woman coax and cozen and deceive you: she is after your barn.
At the comer of the barn he saw the intruder, a mere boy of nineteen or twenty for all of his uniform jump back to escape being run down.
There will be an up-sitting (as they call it) in one of my barns to-night.
Jones no sooner appeared before the great doors of the barn, which were open, than a masculine and very rough voice from within demanded, who was there?
I haven't been near his old barn this half," cries East.
His whole harvest had gone up in his haystacks and barn.
he said to the peasant who came into the barn, opening the creaking door.
Go 'round the barn to the right an' back in for unloadin'.