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a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells

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36) For references to making barm, see MUNFLA Folklore Survey Cards, 67-13/91,6714F/108, 84-308B, 67-2C/77, 67-2C/108, 67-2C/109.
Hannah applied for the grant to fund postcards and leaflets which will help generate awareness of what the Barm Pottery has to offer.
The team of friendly ladies at the sandwich shop can fill your barm, baguette or butty with anything from their huge board of options.
Budding actress Grace, 20, is the reallife sister of Katherine Kelly, 30, who plays barm aid Becky McDonald.
Made with sliced white, rustic loaves, dusted barm cakes, granary baps or over-bottom muffins, sandwiches are the original picnic food, as much-loved as ever for eating outdoors or in.
Barm brack is a lovely sweet bread, made with spices and dried fruits and it's still very widely baked and sold in Ireland, in bakery shops and in supermarkets.
A baker by trade, Carl is introducing a new menu of traditional pub food, featuring freshly baked bread and Lancashire barm cakes.
The only disappointment is makers Waddingtons opted not to change the metal counters from the old traditional thimble, boat, iron and Scottie dog to represent Corrie traditions like a barm cake, a pint, a pillar box and the famous cat.
Secondly, there are the expensive crash courses in elocution for the East Manchester-based catering staff so that those serving the United fans their posh aquatic crustacean-filled barm cakes can understand their Hertfordshire accents.
After kids uncover the answers parents could reward them with a bacon barm cake (pounds 2.
Stuart Elliott converted the second after Nick Barm was impeded by Lee Canoville.
Barm brack and tea brack are traditional Irish fruit loaves, which are easy to make and delicious served on their own or with preserves.
So, this particular day we were in, I had the pasta, Bobbi had a healthy ham salad (with a side order of chips, mind you) and Geena had a barm cake filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese.
And no amount of kneading those barm cakes will get him back in the good recipe books of Britain's women.