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a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group

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14 Solubility Behavior of Barium Peroxide in different solvents
s review, barium enemas were used in 83% of patients initially diagnosed with large-bowel obstruction and were 100% accurate in localising the site of obstruction.
2,3) In pet and captive avian species, barium sulfate suspension has been used to assess GI structure, as well as to observe GI transit.
High barium concentrations are found in the groundwater used as drinking water in the northern part of the Baltic Basin in the Estonian and St Petersburg coastal area (Fig.
Barium titanate was recognized for its strange ability to contract as it changes from one solid phase to another.
A third study, "A review of factors affecting patient doses for barium enemas and meals," (7) looked at both the equipment being used and the people performing the fluoroscopy examinations.
The extracts and substances were allowed to act on the preparations for 5 min, and afterwards the agonists such as barium chloride were cumulatively added and were allowed to reach a steady state at each concentration.
A work-up at an outside institution included negative findings from a standard upper GI barium exam and unremarkable right upper-quadrant ultrasound findings.
In various studies, it has been shown that 20% to 30% of patients with typical features of achalasia on barium studies have complete relaxation of the LES and, in some cases, normal LES resting pressures on manometry (Figure 4).
National Laboratory says that the Oak Ridge samples performance is similar to that of the wires that he and his colleagues previously made of YBCO with randomly scattered barium zirconate particles.
Oxide cathodes of that time represented a mixture of oxides of such alkaline-earth metals as calcium, strontium and barium.
Meanwhile, tests of the fill soil labeled it as likely bottom ash, a byproduct of lignite-fired power plants that in this case contained arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium and silver.
4% on Chinese imports of barium carbonate, a compound used in rat poison, bricks and cement.
However, for mills with high barium levels, lowering the pH in the first chlorine dioxide stage will increase the risk of barium sulfate scale, particularly if the mill uses spent acid for pH control in the bleach plant.
MED2-4800 (unrestricted) and MED2-4900 (restricted) contain 50% barium sulfate, and MED3-4800 (unrestricted) and MED3-4900 (restricted) contain 50% titanium dioxide by weight.