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Synonyms for baritone

a male singer

the second lowest adult male singing voice

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the second lowest brass wind instrument

lower in range than tenor and higher than bass

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After a 21/2 years of battle with brain cancer, world-acclaimed baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky passed away at age 55 in his London home on Nov.
George first demonstrates his selflessness in childhood by saving brother Harry from drowning; Canadian baritone Joshua Hopkins deployed a mellow baritone and winning demeanor as Harry.
Alto xylophone, peripheral pb1111 or approved equal,baritone saxophone, Yamaha ybs-52 or approved equal, baritone saxophone, yamaha ybs-62 or approved equal, baritone saxophone, Yamaha yts-52 or approved equal, baritone, Yamaha yep-201 or approved equal.
Premiered at Songfest, 2015, commissioned jointly by Songfest and the Sorel Organization, and performed by soprano Melanie Henley Heyn, baritone Jesse Malgieri, and pianist Gloria Kim.
Mark Llewelyn-Evans, who is originally from Carmarthen and now lives in Llantrisant, is well-known for his baritone voice but has suffered with acid-reflux since he was 19.
The Welsh baritone released his fifth studio album One Day Like This this week and hopes it will top the classical album charts on Sunday.
The 22-year-old plays the baritone horn, which is often in the shadow of its similar-sized but larger-bored and fattertoned cousin, the euphonium.
Among the standouts in this production were Greek baritone Dimitri Platanias (Simon) and Korean bass-baritone Samuel Youn (Paolo).
WORCESTER - Rich Falco, director of jazz studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Gary Carner, jazz historian and an authority on the life and work of the late jazz baritone saxophonist Park "Pepper" Adams, made jazz history Sunday night at WPI's Alden Memorial Hall with the world premiere of arranger Osian Roberts big-band chart of the Adams composition "In Love with Night," which featured lyrics by poet Barry Wallenstein.
AT one time Eric Roberts seemed destined for a career as an art teacher, but a quirk of fate led him to train as a classical singer and, 35 years on, he has a worldwide reputation as the man to call on when a baritone is needed to play the great comedy roles such as Dr Barolo or Don Pasquale.
So the next time you hear the baritone, you will know it's no one but Amitabh.
It will be the climax of a week in which world-renowned German baritone Olaf Bar will visit the North East to mentor seven rising international stars in opera and song.
With a big toothless, letter-box grin Shane had told me how much he'd love to do a duet with the world-renowned bass baritone on Fairytale Of New York.
Mattia Battistini; king of baritones and baritone of kings.
Such details hardly mattered, though -- except perhaps to musicologists -- for surely most listeners were too busy absorbing this heavenly, varied music, in which four soloists -- mezzo-soprano Marie-Nicole Lemieux and baritone Brett Polegato in addition to Wilson and Taylor -- joined the chorus and orchestra.