barge pole

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a long pole used to propel or guide a barge

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And this is why da kidz wouldn't touch the Dark Lord's karaoke cobblers with a barge pole.
But on Friday night I was speaking to BBC Wales and suggested that seven games were bankers, and three you wouldn't touch with a barge pole.
She grabbed hold of the flag when she wanted our votes, but hadn't touched it with a barge pole when it counted.
Strikes me the only winners here are Wella who will be raking it in - well at least until England luck out of Euro 2012 - then, of course, it will be seen as The Gel that Trashed England's Chances and no one will touch it with a barge pole.
Personally, I wouldn't touch either kebab or curry with a barge pole unless it was, in the case of the curry, home-made.
He obviously dreads to touch Bofors even with a barge pole as it haunts the party men with memories of how the kickbacks of Rs 640 million allegedly paid by the Swedish firm in the deal during late Rajiv Gandhi's regime brought down the Congress government.
The manager here has taken a chance on me when not many other people would have touched me with a barge pole.
The new man will have to be a very strong, respected individual along the lines of Houllier or Hiddink, that's even if they'd touch the job with a barge pole.
No prizes for guessing why no investor would touch the city with a barge pole for the best part of three decades after seeing it.
Initially, when he came out of prison no one would touch him with a barge pole," Martin said.
WARREN Gatland has lit the fuse under a potentially explosive Triple Crown clash in Dublin by admitting he was warned: "Don't touch Eddie O'Sullivan with a barge pole.
But, perhaps there are good reasons that Western firms will not touch these places with a ten foot barge pole.
I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot barge pole with an extension on it
As always, we would say: Don't touch these things with a barge pole.