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enter uninvited

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The first fishing barge in Southern California was off Long Beach in 1921 and the first off Redondo in 1922, according to ``Tales of the Golden Years of California Ocean Fishing: 1900-1950.
The Captaincy subsequently checked the barge in question for general conditions.
Today, with the help of its suppliers and a careful selection of equipment based on production demands, Marine Terminals unloads each barge in two to three hours and empties an average of five barges per 12-hour shift.
After carefully analyzing the number of serious constraints and limits created by the bending moment and shear forces of the concrete barge in regard to the lift time, budget constraints, sizing of lifting devices and keel clearance, Daewoo elected to have forward and aft lifting pontoons built that would be connected by heavy trusses to keep the structures together.
Delivery of this barge marks the 5th barge in this class from U.
With an effective crane and attachment, a scrap yard can load a barge in as fast as eight hours.
Living and working inside one of these powerhouses in a storm with a barge in tow can be pure torture.