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Synonyms for bargain-priced

costing less than standard price

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held a tender to find buyers of bargain-priced electricity it will generate.
The company treated the bargain-priced inventory in the same way that it treated inventory subsequently acquired at FMV, putting subsequent inventory into the same pool as the bargain-priced inventory.
Big Lots offers consumers a unique shopping experience and wide range of bargain-priced merchandise, including brand-name closeouts, one-of-a-kind deals, seasonal products, consumables, furniture, housewares, toys, and gifts.
WHEN I named the 18 grand Kia Sorento the Daily Mirror soft-roader of the year in December, I hadn't tested the bargain-priced 4x4 in snow and ice.
TREAT yourself and your family to a bargain-priced trip to the cinema during the summer holidays, courtesy of the Evening Telegraph.
Bargain Network helps members search the country for bargain-priced properties via a variety of access options including the web site (www.
THERE ARE CERTAIN small, neighborhood, bargain-priced ethnic eating places, many times located in suburban mini-malls, that make a lasting impression on locals when they open, settle in, do good business, and carry on for years, unknown to the rest of us.
These bargain-priced specials are only being offered until October 8th, with travel valid from November 01-December 11, 2003 and January 01-March 31, 2004.
HERE is your chance to enjoy a bargain-priced trip to the cinema.
Racks hold bargain-priced DVDs, including some that feature three horror movies on one disc: ``The Terror'' starring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson in addition to ``Nightmare Castle'' and ``Mania.
Today, The NIC Company unveiled a new bargain-priced flat-screen option while supplies last: an ultra-thin, flat panel Active Matrix display retailing for $249.
A number of the campgrounds are in California state parks, which have recently reduced fees, making for some bargain-priced adventures.
To help them do that New York City & Company, the city's and convention and visitors bureau, is launching a nationwide "Paint the Town Red White & Blue" promotion which offers attractive "Paint the Town Red, White & Blue" NYC Freedom Packages - bargain-priced vacation offerings that include accommodations, sightseeing tours, Broadway show tickets, dinner gift certificates, and more.
While upscale eateries may find themselves losing customers to less pricey spots, or diners opting for pasta over filet mignon, bargain-priced options tend to fare well.
Today, NIC unveiled a new bargain-priced flat-screen option - an Active Matrix display retailing at under $475.