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But the bargain rate excludes 0845 numbers which is a major blow to people who have to call government agencies.
And do not assume that because a counseling company operates as a nonprofit, tax-free entity that you'll be getting a bargain rate for its services.
This has resulted in a letter being sent out from Heath House to all owners with the news that, as the trainer is now having to study the April and May programme books, usually used as door stops, the extra workload will entail his fees going up from the hitherto bargain rate of pounds 38,000 a year to a more realistic pounds 42,000 - whether your horse runs early or not.
The irony is, as many economic analysts argue, a fundamental re-orienting of the currency at a bargain rate against the dollar -- of at least seven pounds -- would bring a flood of foreign direct investment to the country, from which most of the population would benefit.
The paper mill formerly had to bury its waste sludge but for the past three years has been providing it at a bargain rate to farmers with sandy soil.
Though it raineth on the just and the unjust, if it would only stop raining long enough for these little girls to unload their sidewalk stand of daisies at what would seem a bargain rate, they would be grateful.
Well, when Air Canada was privatized, the government sold it debt-free and at a bargain rate.
Americans United has protested a Colorado city's decision to sell valuable land to a Roman Catholic church at a bargain rate.
1202, gains on investments in qualifying small businesses are already taxed at a bargain rate of 14%, if the stock is held for five years and meets other criteria to make it a qualified stock in an active business.
Eco at home ly ge wf tBb keeper is ready to stop up an offer with staff at first he played 299 Wright, 34, quit five days after deal when not settle family in who a ban s If Hughes gets Ki it will be a further blow to Joey Barton who begins a 12-game ban and is available to go out on loan for a bargain rate.
Les Parry, manager at the time, was able to secure Buchanan's services at a bargain rate because at that stage of the pre-season, unattached players are forced to lower their wage demands to give themselves a chance of securing a contract.
MARGARET Dillon spotted an internet firm offering a bargain rate on US dollars - and ordered pounds 2500 worth for a trip to Florida.
But despite these recognizable series, and a bargain rate (a monthly fee of only between a nickel and a dime for each subscriber), cable operators and satellite distributors are not elbowing one another to buy ALTV.
The two biggest rental chains sell used DVDs at a bargain rate to get rid of their extra stock.
But the manager has told Gordon Strachan that doesn't mean Naysmith would be available at a bargain rate.