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Synonyms for bargain

Synonyms for bargain

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

an agreement, especially one involving a sale or exchange

something offered or bought at a low price


to argue about the terms, as of a sale

to enter into a formal agreement

bargain for: to look forward to confidently

Synonyms for bargain

an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each


an advantageous purchase

negotiate the terms of an exchange

come to terms

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5% wage increase and not bargain away other conditions of employment, the Government could still have these conditions of employment reduced or removed through new regulations.
These church leaders should be doing everything possible to fight for a public option in health care to cover the poor of our society, the ones Jesus spoke of so often and would never bargain away for political and financial gain.
The contestant picks one to keep or bargain away as he chooses, in hopes that the chosen case contains a large amount of money.
Their value range offers cheap and cheerful clothes from handbags to dresses, aimed at those who love a bargain away from the mad rush and involuntary hot flushes that come with doing the sales.
It is precisely because we respect the ICC that we do not want to bargain away [its authority].
The problem with trading dominant players of that size is you can never get in return what you bargain away,'' Jackson said.
In effect, we bargain away part of our autonomy for the financial security of insurance.
Not only should Washington redouble its diplomatic efforts to bargain away nascent nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea, it should do so in Pakistan, India, and Israel, too.
29) Finally, the 1829 New York Code enacted stiff minimum sentences for repeat offenders, which prosecutors may have been able to bargain away.
His lawyer is set to bargain away as much jail time as possible.